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RGB LED physical remotes?

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    RGB LED physical remotes?

    What, if any, physical remotes with RGB controls work with Homeseer?

    And I'm not talking about the cheap credit card form-factor ones, those get lost way too easily. I seem to recall at least one 'major' color LED maker having a handheld remote, but don't remember which one.

    I'd be looking to have HS3 pick up the remote's requests and, in turn, use that to control whatever other lighting solutions would be involved. This would have to be RF interfaced as I don't want ot get into needing IR line-of-sight (or worse, repeaters).

    Tangentially, it'd also be nice to have a US-spec wall plate form-factor remote. I've seen some non-US market controls. but haven't run across any single or 2 gang form factor remotes for the US market.

    This ring a bell for anyone?

    RGBGenie has a family of products including remotes. I have the 5 zone remote that is zigbee. They also have a color version.


      Originally posted by Michael McSharry View Post
      RGBGenie has a family of products including remotes. I have the 5 zone remote that is zigbee. They also have a color version.
      And you're using them? How is their operation? Are the remotes reasonably durable? As in, survive typical residential neglect/abuse (dropping off end tables, getting sat on, etc). And battery life?


        I have the 5 zone remote shown below. It is a high quality remote with some mass and good construction details. It will survive well inside couch cushions and falls from the table. I would choose it over the Harmony line from this perspective.

        I purchased it when I first was evaluating zigbee and Zigbee2MQTT. At that time the device was not supported by Zigbee2MQTT so it gave me the opportunity to dig deep into packet sniffing etc to develop the driver. I get the impression the company is small with minimum infrastructure. I had no luck with product support from them.

        It was very heavy utilization for a short while and there was noticeable battery drain. I suspect that normal daily use it would do much better than typical IR remotes for battery life as this is an area that zigbee shines.

        I have only seen pictures of their color version of the product and I get the impression that it will not be of the same construction quality, but other than the picture I have no basis for this impression.

        Click image for larger version

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          Whose zigbee interface are you using to handle getting the signal into HS3? I don't make much use of zigbee here (all lighting is Lutron Ra2).


            I know the $10 USB dongle with Zigbee2MQTT works as that is what I integrated. I believe Hubitat Elevation also works but I did not try pairing it with the Hubitat Elevation. A good chance JowiHue also supports it with Conbee or Raspzee interfaces, but you should check that forum if that is the direction you want to take.