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    I'm in the initial stage of replacing an old DSC panel I had a comcast system in my last home which seemed to be a branded or Visonic hardware. Is anyone using a Viconic controller? Would you give me some feedback on the panel and hardware

    Visonic had a Zigbee motion sensor that had a long battery life

    My new house has 40 hardwired sensors from windows, doors, motion, etc. I like hardwired devices they are more reliable.

    Last weekend I ran Cat 6a ethernet cable to the security panel. I want the new system to have IOT capability integrating into HS4. I am hoping to use the door sensors from the security system to talk to HS4 to turn on lights based on activity / conditions.

    If you have an awesome system I would appreciate you sharing your system ideas.

    Appreciate your feedback


    As an alternative, you can keep the DSC and use an it100 or Envisalink to attach to the system. The BLDSC module works very well. The hardware is easy to install.


      AllHailJ ....

      Many thanks it seems the DSC isn't a poor system just needs an update and ethernet module ... I will look into these two devices