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Carted off to Hospital

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    Carted off to Hospital

    Just thought I'd post this (don't post that often).

    I had to go into hospital at very short notice last week. Nothing to do with Coranavirus - won't bore you with the details but it did involve a fairly urgent operation.

    During that time Homeseer and HSTouch were an absolute godsend as I was able to keep an eye on the house and whilst a lot of automatic events ran I was able to tweak things a bit and check on the cameras, etc.

    I'm a few days past retirement age now and I think that the role Home Automation can play in making things just that little bit easier (and safer) doesn't always get the mention it should.

    Kind Regards

    Tony F

    I have to agree with you Tony. I also recently got an unexpected first hand 'remote' look at how much my home is automated with not much maintenance at all. But I also saw how much I take for granite things will always run this smooth. Shortly after I returned home the system started acting up. I believe it was a corrupt settings file but I was able to grab a back up of the HS3 folder and restore.

    I can't stress how important it is to have backups of your HS3 folder, I was lucky that I was at the least doing weekly backups and was able to restore. Now I run a backup everyday to different external drives.

    I am almost three months into retirement and realized I need to start documenting what I have done over the past 20 years. Also how the system can get switched off and run locally


      Amen to that! Don't forget HSTouch in your backup. I am a linux shop but run HStouch on virtual windows machine. The drive got corrupted and I lost some of my more recent changes. Six weeks since my last backup. I hate it when I am stupid.