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Door lock with nothing on the outside

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    Door lock with nothing on the outside

    Redesigning the main entrance and looking for super duper modern design. The door lock (even if reduced to a single deadbolt) is in the way of my super duper modern design. So I'm thinking of eliminating all lock hardware on the outside (keep deadbolt lever inside).
    For unlocking from outside I'm considering

    1. smart phone (over BT),
    2. smart phone (over WiFi),
    3. discretely mount keypad (on the side),
    4. RFID
    5. Paired video doorbell with face recognition
    6. Smart phone (Geofencing).

    Additional requirements

    1. To be easy for non technical family members to operate.
    2. Avoid batteries and when can't avoid them have them last at least a year.

    Commercially available products like August (doorbell, door lock and keypad), Nest (door lock and video doorbell) , SkyBell (video doorbell) plus many others are out there, however I can't find the ideal solution plus some have unfavorable reviews.

    Anyone having good, bad or neutral experience willing to share.



    An electric strike is what comes to mind:


      Originally posted by mr.Magoo View Post
      An electric strike is what comes to mind:
      Agree! Easier and no need for battery. I like the idea!