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Is the pump running? (Jandy with iQPUMP01)

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    Is the pump running? (Jandy with iQPUMP01)


    Our main pool pump is a variable speed Jandy which we control with the iQPUMP01 wireless interface and iPhone app. It is very basic but does not seem to play well with others.

    We also have a Boost-Rite booster which simply requires an on/off device run on a schedule. I have this set up in HS via ZWave.

    I'd like to be able to tell the booster not to run if the main pump is not also running. But I can't seem to get any information out of the iQPUMP01. Is there another way to monitor what that pump is doing? (E.g., water flowing, electricity flowing, etc.)

    Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.

    Electrical consumption is probably the easiest. Installing flow meters is another option but much more mechanical work.

    Have you looked at this plugin?


      I tried the Autelis plug in but it did not work. I will give Mat's a try.

      If I were to go the electrical route, is there something you would recommend?


        Is the pump 110 or 220? If it is 110 then this device may work:

        Aeon Labs - Dual Nano Switch with power metering - ZW132

        or this

        Aeon Labs Nano Switch With Power Metering - ZW116

        If it is 220 you will need an inductive type for a single circuit. Most are for mains and the leads are sized for going over the 200 amp service.


          Hi All,

          I have just added support for the IQPump in my Plugin, Apologies for the delay, i had to remove the pump from my controller and install the IQ controller for it to test.

          Power / Speed and Status are all available.

          As well as the Timers for Priming, Cleaning mode and Short run.

          I will add more support for it shortly, At present you cannot control it, But i will add full control as well as being able to edit the Schedules in the next release.

          Click image for larger version

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