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Z-wave (Aeon USB stick) sort of working - complains about COM4 port

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    Z-wave (Aeon USB stick) sort of working - complains about COM4 port

    This morning I found the HS3 software up and running but the interface was showing as having a problem. I rebooted the Windows7 server that runs HS3, took out and put back the USB Aeon stick, and then I started getting emails as per various events I had set up in HS3, including those triggered by motion detecting Z-wave devices, so I thought it was all good, but I can't trigger any actions via the Devices screen's buttons and the interface is still showing as problematic:

    Interface init failed: Cannot open COM port COM4: Access to the port 'COM4' is denied.

    I can't figure out if it's working or not, but how do I get past this COM4 problem? I've had everything running exactly this way for several years, nothing new happened (unless the machine took on a Windows update, it may have done). Maybe this is the problem - I see 2 interfaces listed - I only have one stick; how do I get rid of the spurious one?Click image for larger version

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    First, click the Red circle (next to 'Name: New Interface'). See if you get any error messages.

    Check your Device Manager to make sure the stick is connected to COM4.

    I would also try forcing COM port assignment to some other number (UZB/Properties/Port Settings/Advanced)