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Feit wifi Light Bulbs with Homeseer?

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    Feit wifi Light Bulbs with Homeseer?

    I am a total newbie and I must admit I bought a Homeseer Hometroller Zee S2 on total impulse because I heard good things about it. But, really, I had no idea what to use it for. I have a SmartThings hub controlling a bunch of stuff including 3 z-wave light switches (also, contact switches, motion sensors, Arlo camera).

    I've had the Hometroller for months so I want to put it to use. I have never connected devices to it or configured it or added anything to it.
    I don't want to disrupt what I have now so I found some wifi bulbs I had by Feit, they're WiFi and controlled by an app in my phone.

    Can I add these bulbs to be controlled by the Hometroller? I need detailed assistance to do this is possible.

    I've been a little intimidated by the Hometroller interface which seems very complex to me and not as friendly as SmartThings but I want to make use of my investment. Hopefully I'll be able to get through my mental block regarding this box and discover how wonderful it is as everyone says.

    Thank you for your help.

    You have taken a hard path to start. your journey. I am not specifically familiar with the App that Feit uses, but quite often a Tuya App is used. If this is the case then you need a HS plugin that understands Tuya communications. There is one for HS3 that I do not think has been released so will take some exploring in the board. For HS4 HST has made a Tuya plugin, but HS4 has not yet been released and the Tuya plugin is immature.

    What is often done with the WiFi devices is to replace the firmware the manufacturer provides with something like Tasmota. Some devices are easy to change firmware, others more difficult, and a few cannot be changed. I do not know your specific bulb so don't know its flash-ability. A discussion is at
    If you do this then a plugin such as mcsMQTT will be able to interface it with HS.

    A low cost WiFi bulb good for playing around is the Shelly for $14 at Amazon There are three HS plugins that can control it directly. AK is selling one for $35-$40 known as AK Shelly. I provide two, mcsShelly and mcsMQTT that are both free. A discussion thread for this bulb is at


      Thank you for your very useful answer. Definitely I do not want to take the hard way to begin with, I don't have the time to invest in the tinkering enjoyable as it might be to me. I think I'll probably go with one of the other options you mentioned. Thank you for your help!


        Just want to be sure....I have some the FEIT WiFi bulbs acquired from Costco. If I flash one of them as above, I should be able to use the mcsMQTT plugin to link them to homeseer? As they stand, they currently work with Amazon Alexa. I suspect that would stop, however, by assigning a voice command in HS4, Alexa may still be able to control?


          According to the FEIT bulb that was discussed contains Tuya firmware so it should be possible to use Tuya Convert to install Tasmota. This link also contains the template to map the GPIO pins of the ESP8266 to the bulb hardware function. Suggest YouTube video for the Tuya Convert process. I believe I also described it in the mcsMQTT manual.

          Using Tuya Convert has no downside. If it does not flash new firmware then the bulb will retain its old firmware. Of course you need to flash firmware that works so stay with Tasmota and the basic version that is referenced in the video. Once Tasmota is installed then you can update to newer versions of Tasmota if you desire.

          The answer to your question is yes. You can also turn on HUE or Wemo emulation in Tasmota so you have direct Alexa control without going through Homeseer. Of course you have Homeseer control via mcsMQTT and you can use the Homeseer Alexa skill if you prefer.