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Best method to leverage HS for pool safety?

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    Originally posted by outbackrob View Post
    When I was a kid, a small child drowned in his backyard pool. After that nearly everyone with a pool put an extra deadbolt near the top of the door. 60's low tech. It's defeatable by a kid on a chair, but hopefully, by the time they can do that, they can swim. To add a modern touch, you could automate that deadbolt and have HS send a LOCK command regularly and when there is motion inside around the door.
    My house was vacant for a year before we could close and take possession. The neighbor kids apparently had no problem scaling a 6'6" fence and they made the pool their "cement pond." After we moved in, they stopped scaling the wall, but I did mount a camera, install SightHound on the HS server, and install the UltraSightHoundVideo3 PI for added security. I'd still like to have one of those floaty HS connectable alarms, but I don't think there is a current vendor.
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