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Motion sensor trouble very odd!

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    Motion sensor trouble very odd!

    I have a motion sensor (MS16A) set to house code M Unit 2. I have a TM751 near the sensor and a RR501 upstairs set to house code M. When I turn on the front porch light J1 and foyer light J2 if there is motion soon after turning on the lights they shut off.

    So you turn the light on manually or via x10, you move and the on command from the sensor shuts both lights off.

    The off command does not show up in the log.

    I have since switched the motion sensor to M6 which seems to resolve the problem.

    Since the recivers are the item putting out the x10 signal I wonder if the error comes from having two recivers plug up.

    Or it is a phase issue with the CR234 coupler/repeater?
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    Two receivers on the same housecode is notoriously unreliable. Whenever they both hear an RF command, they both try transmitting on the powerline simultaneously, and you get corrupted messages. It will work fine when one receiver is out of range, and be flakey when they are both in range.


      Two recivers on same house code

      Thanks. Kinda thought that might be a problem.