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FGBS-222 Smart implant for doorbell settings for momentary switch

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  • nl_user
    Still not working as expected. Looks like the Central Scene is the one to use here. But it did only update once after pressing the button. Pushing the button starts ringing the bell and an second push on the button stops ringing the bell. So that's not what I need. Parameter 156 and 157 would be the one to use but are not accepting a new value.

    I would also expect that using the switch (control) in Hs3 could be used for performing some action on the bell as well. But it seems not being used at all. So why is it there?

    Apparently some of you got this working? What Am I overseeing here?

    Click image for larger version

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  • nl_user
    Gave it a try today. Looks like setting parameter 156 is not working. If I set it with a value per example with 5, it starts connecting and after returning it shows value 0. I first made sure setting parameter 20 at 2, which seems to work (returning the screen with value 2). But I still have to push the button twice to stop the doorbell ringing.

    Also parameter 40 seems to adapt the value I set. Although I do not have any clue how it activates anything when detecting the button pushed? Is it the application status part?

    Click image for larger version

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  • Tillsy
    Just a heads up a few of us have had]a few challenges[/url] with the inclusion of this device - but it does work well though, I installed one inside my ducted aircon to make it Z-Wave controllable

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  • Alex_W
    You're quite welcome. I am looking forward to hearing how this works out for you. I can think of an application or two in which one of these devices might come in handy.

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  • nl_user
    Alex Thanks for your reply. Will try this tomorrow and let you know how it turns out.

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  • Alex_W
    The full manual for the Implant is available here.

    Parameter 20 controls input 1 (0 = Normally Closed / 1 = Normally Open / 2 = monostable / 3 = bistable)
    Parameter 21 controls input 2 (0 = Normally Closed / 1 = Normally Open / 2 = monostable / 3 = bistable)

    It looks like NO (and NC) cannot be used to activate scenes but only for for basic doorbell ringing.

    If you set the above parameters to monostable you can control the timeout and activate scenes.

    Parameter 156 controls input 1 timeout (1 = .1 second / 2 = .2 second and so on)
    Parameter 157 controls input 2 timeout (1 = .1 second / 2 = .2 second and so on)

    Scene activation is evidently not enabled by default.

    Parameter 40 controls scene activation for input 1.
    Parameter 41 controls scene activation for input 2.

    Since you have no way of controlling how visitors will ring the bell (tap, push & hold and so on) you may need to experiment in order to get the scenes to activate reliably.

    I don't own one of these so I have no way to validate any of this information.

    Good luck.

    Let us know how it works.

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  • FGBS-222 Smart implant for doorbell settings for momentary switch

    I recently acquired a Fibaro smart implant FGBS-222 (from, including an relay, an 12volt power source, and momentary switch.
    I'm using it with an older 8volt doorbell -with a bell. Getting this to work using Hs3 pro is giving me some headache. Anyone who has this working and willing to share some knowledge

    I added the smart implant into Hs3 and its giving me one switch and several other options like temperature (build in).
    Pushing the attached momentary switch results in the bell starts ringing and never stops, until the momentary switch is pushed again. So that is not ok. Since the ringing never stops! How to get the momentary switch acting in the implant as an momentary switch.
    Which parameter(s) to change or how to get this right,

    Since there is a on/off switch in Hs3 I would expect that that has some effect as well. But whether it is on or off does not make a difference? I was expecting this could be used for switching the bell(sound) off or being able to start the bell ringing? Are there any settings needed to get this working as well?

    How to get a notification in Hs3 when the momentary switch has been pushed? Nothing happens (not an On or Off, neither any other notification). The device is associated to Hs3. I have an event that normally would send an message when an device status changes.