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How to add ca3750 to zwave network

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    How to add ca3750 to zwave network

    I am rolling the dice on using a CA3750. I have read the posts about its reliability, so have some knowledge I may have issues.

    My question is, what is the procedure to add it to my homeseer network? I have powered it up and attempted to use the "Add/include a node" action under my zwave controller, which is a Homeseer Smartstick +. The CA3750 is about 4' away from the smartstick with a direct line of sight.

    When I power up the CA3750 the red light flashes until I press the button then it shifts to white/red.

    Should I be able to find it by using the add node function or do I have to activate discovery on the CA3750 somehow?

    I got it to pair, just was not close enough, has to be within 1'.