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MQTT Event not triggering

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  • MQTT Event not triggering

    I've created an event based on

    But the MQTT Received Topic won't trigger the event. I appears it's being received int he PI, but I can't get the event to self trigger. It works automagically if I click the button to run the event... Thoughts on where I went wrong?

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    Try to use topics that have a hierarchy such as my/dude rather than dude. There are some places where this makes a difference. I will need to evaluate if event triggers is one of them.


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      Unfortunately it didn't change the actions . . .


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        I see you have the same publish and subscribe topics of DUDE. Once you publish a topic, mcsMQTT will filter this topic from being received to prevent circular logic. Try to trigger on a topic that you have not previously published. Normal scenarios use something like DUDE for status topic and DUDE/set or cmnd/DUDE or similar for control (publish) topic for the case where DUDE is some external widget.

        I did confirm there are no issues with triggering a topic that does not contain a slash.