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    Fungun, I SWEAR You must have hacked into my positronic network here! That thought ACTUALLY just crossed my mind for a very brief moment while I was looking for a sound file for the opening and closing animation
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      But, I should have defined a bit better - double door meaning a single 16 ft wide door instead of a standard 8ft wide door. - Not two 8 fts next to each other (I would use two gifs / swfs for that useage). If this is easy for you to do, most appreciated. If a pain, i will alter your two door graphic to make it a one wide door graphic.


        no prob hold on a sec
        will post here
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          Excellent! thanx!

          Attached are the three swfs for the DoubleDoors (Open Motion, Closed Motion, Closed no Motion).
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            Originally posted by Brian Raynor
            I have two magnetic sensors (well three, one is for my security system) on the garage door. One to detect fully open, one to detect fully closed. I have these hooked into a single input on my ADI SECU16 and use an Ocelot to control the door.

            I had been thinking of controlling door with Ocelot. I am now using a Powerflash to allow door close only (magentic reed switch is used just to disable ability to open door). How did you set this up? If you use it to open door, under what scenario would you do that?
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              Just FYI on garage door openers. I just installed a Genie Stealth - DC motor, belt drive. REALLY quiet - can barely hear motor and drive. Rolling code works with opener buttons in my car's sun visor.