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x-mas lights script question

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    x-mas lights script question

    Ok, attached is my script that cycles the different colors of x-mas lights. I have HS run this script every 10 seconds. As you can imaging this bogs down HS sometimes.
    My question is, do I rewrite this with multiple events and have one event call the next and would that help? Or should I just let it go another year and rewrite when HS 2.0 comes online with the event order improvements promised? Or does anyone have a better idea?
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    Tyke, I don't think having events calling other events is going to help your problem. If you are happy to wait for HS 2 I would suggest waiting as your problem goes after the festive period for another year.

    There is a discussion somewhere else on automating Christmas lights, but from memory they are talking ablut using a unit to control the light; thry doing a search.

    Sorry could not be of more help.
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