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Best Z-Wave Smart-Lock for HS3/HS4?

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    I similarly use the doorlock keypads for more than just unlocking. Since the keypad reports to HS when a user code is entered, and will report WHICH user code was used, i have the non-guest codes setup to automatically trigger a disarm of the security system so that one doesn't have to enter the house and input another code on another keypad. I also have this trigger the whole-house announcement "Alexa, I'm home" which disarms Alexa Guard. Unfortunately, Alexa/Echo allows for one to arm Alexa Guard via API but doesn't let one disarm via API...thus the announcement. Hopefully, they'll change that at some point.


      +1 for Schlage. I have 7 non + versions that have been installed since 2017. I don't recall ever having an issue with them. They were kind of a PITA to program, but once done, it was easy to add codes. The batteries easily last 6 months for our busiest door and nearly a year for the least used door. That's using regular Duracells. Two of them bake in the Texas sun all year and the keypads still look as good as the ones on the covered porches. We are really happy with them. Have thought about switching to newer ones that were Z+, but haven't ever had a good reason to.