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Solenoid valve control

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    Using DC power for the board should be fine. Another option is to provide an independent 3.3V power source. Gnd, Rx, and Tx through the USB/Serial adapter. The adapter configured for 3.3V and not 5V.

    It has been awhile since I flashed the 4CH, but I do usually do use a laptop for flashing and the 3.3V provided by the adapter. It could also be the adapter rather than the USB port is limiting the 3.3V output.


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      Thanks for you help, I managed to flash it with the DC power connected and just GND, RX and TX from the adaptor via an old laptop I had in the loft. I was cagey in connecting to my PC as i've only had it built a couple of weeks and one of the DIMMs has died.

      Next thing i'll need to do it ensure the correct settings are in place via the pins and then see whether i can connect to HS but might not get around to it this weekend.