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    Distributed Audio

    There seems to be so many ways to do distributed Audio. What is the best (in your opinion) way to accomplish this. I don't want the cheapest solution, but the most usable. Probably about 4-6 sources with 6-8 zones. It seems new devices come out at a pretty fast clip now and prices keep dropping.

    It is all so confusing for a newbie.

    I install wholehouse audio video and Home theaters. I use main Lobby and funded a Plugin for the B&K CT600. It is a very high end Multizone audio and video system.

    With the plugin I dont use keypads in all the rooms. With main lobby I have tablet screens that has a page for the B&K. It will show a button for each room. Press the button and the page now turns to a Keypad screen the same as the B&K. So I have full access to everyroom. It also controls the video.

    Now this B&K Ct600 has serial commands with the plugin I can make commands to turn on video and audio items in scripts in Homeseer. So for instance. My daughter comes home from school and as a reminder the motion detects here in the house at 3:00 - 3:30 then my neo voice says just a reminder to empty the dishwasher and for your listening pleasure I am turning the radio on for your listening pleasure. So each zone can be specificaly targeted in my scripts for audio and video.