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HS4 - PHLocation Issues

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    HS4 - PHLocation Issues

    Just as a few notes on how I got here...

    -Upgraded yesterday to HS4 on Windows 10
    - Add / Remove programs for HS3 failed
    - Followed the manual install directions
    - Deleted my old system in myhs and added my new one - turned my wireless off and accessed my system via myhs without issue
    - Tried a manual install that Randy recommended as well as using the override txt method - The plugin went live, but then disconnected always. Probably instantly, but by the time I could refresh the page
    - Looked at the install in the zip file and deleted everything it refenced since with the "override" function it kept say it failed installation
    - Manually added the files to all locations as referenced in the install text
    - the plugin became active and still says OK
    - Put my myhs pw and username in a text file and used copy and paste so I knew it was right to log into myhs again
    - Went into my geofency app (which btw the way was fine with HS3) and pasted in the myhs pw and uname again to make sure that was not wrong
    - One other thing to mention, and I assume it came from the copy and pasting of old directories doing as defined in the manual install upgrading to HS4. All of my original PHLocation devices showed up under devices once the plug was active.

    After all that, when I test entry or exit in the Webhook setup for Geofency it's says "successful," but the message beneath it actually says it times out. Nothing updates in my HS4 geofency devices. I see nothing in my log.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    So, this just started working today. Nothing changed on my system.

    HS4 logged me coming into range of one of low range sensors at 6:30AM when I set the house to mode to home on a wall tablet. The only thing that seems to be different today is that I can log in in under 5 seconds today. Yesterday there was at least a 20 second delay before seeing my account details.

    Yet another reason for my hope that someone will write a BT BLE 5.0 (some even have 1 mile adjustable ranges now) plugin for HS4! IE - Nothing would depend on anything ...that is not local in/out of range...not a cell phone carrier, not the internet, not any cloud services. Those are basically the exact same 3 reasons I left Smarthings three years ago.

    Thanks to anybody that even looked at this...