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Z-wave Somfy Blinds with Homeseer Scenes

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  • Z-wave Somfy Blinds with Homeseer Scenes

    I have a 7 Z-wave Somfy blinds and periodically have issues with them closing and opening. I paired them with Homeseer first and then with the controllers so I could use both. I followed the instructions when doing so. I set up scenes on various HS-WD200+'s, so 3 taps up will open all the way, 4 taps up will open 50% and 3 taps down close all the way.

    I occasionally have issues where when I use the dimmer's or the app, the blinds will start to move and stop. They receive the command but don't shut all the way or open to the desired position. I never have issues with the controllers that came with the blinds though. To get them to open or shut, I typically have to go to the last position, and then close/open them again.

    I have re-paired the devices and it didn't seem to solve the issue. Batteries have been changed out as well. I just migrated to HS4 and optimized my z-wave network so I will see if the issues still arise.

    Anyone have any other ideas?