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including attention phrase in the voice command

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    including attention phrase in the voice command

    I just now realized that I could put the attention phrase in the voice command box for all my events and have HS "always listen for commands"

    this way I can say "computer, get me a beer" all in once sentence and get a response.

    Previously I would have to get the computer's attention, wait for a response, wait 1-2 seconds then issue my command.

    obviously the uniqueness of the command is important if I'm going to use "Always listen for commands" I dont think "computer, get me a beer" or anything similar comes up in normal conversation too often. I guess it would be even more helpful to change "computer" to something more unique.

    my question - are there any disadvantages to this setup that I'm not thinking about?

    if not, it makes communication with the computer much more natural.

    I'm not sure if there are any disadvantages, but could you share your script and/or event whereby HS gets you the beer?



      hs.speak "get it yourself."


        Might be more realistic if I used a wav file of the wife's voice rather than TTS.


          well for the record, this works terribly. The VR in always listen mode is constantly hearing things that are not being said. My computer sounds like it's babbling to itself. "Execute this?", "execute that?", "cancelled", "cancelled", "execute this?" If I had a wife the WAF would be very low.

          grr - very annoying.

          Looks like it's back to "Computer." ...wait... "Yes?" ...wait... "-my command here-"<MY here command>