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OK gang ... Version 1.7.4

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    OK gang ... Version 1.7.4

    Attached is the latest release, after restoring both my thermostat and my PC.

    I've tested this with version 53 of the thermostat plugin, and the initialization time is between 20 and 25 seconds.

    Besides bug fixes, this version adds more counter info, in view>options>interfaces>SW Counters

    Edit: OK, so you can't attach .dll files... attached is a zip file
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    Glad your back up

    Hey Firtha,
    Glad to see ya back up and running. My new extended project is almost ready for testing.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this driver


      I loaded it up and the first time I rebooted, my thermostat didn't initialize correctly and ended up flipping from Heat to Off somehow. I rebooted and it came up correctly and I reset the mode. So far devices appear to work as they should and I haven't noticed any other glitches, but it did mess up that first time.

      I like the stats screens. Have you considered a button to cause them to be written to a debug file? It would be a mess to copy them by hand if you needed them when we reported a problem.



        I've had the occasional 'flip to off' as well. I didn't worry, thinking it was a feature of Jim's plugin.. (Sorry Jim)

        I have this running at home with v 54 of the stat plugin.

        Edit: I should add that I've only tested against HomeSeer 1.7.7

        Seriously, I think maybe it's a combination of the two plugins... Maybe the LynX-10 is sending too quickly or too slowly to the RCS and causing it to flip to off?

        I've had the 'flip to off', and 'setting to weird temperature' problems since day 1 with the RCS stat, so I have been assuming it's something weird with the stat... but I will keep looking.

        One thing I noticed that caused problems is the homeseer 'time has gone by, do you want to resend commands' window at startup. If say OK right away, instead of waiting the default 30 seconds, the resend commands will be interleaved with the thermostat initialization. This causes the init time to be longer, and that's where I saw the mode set to off problem.

        The idea of writing the stats to a file is a good one. I'll see if I can get it in a new rev.

        An enhacement that I lost when my HD crashed was dynamic update of the stats display ... I had a 500 ms timer to update the page, and removed the 'update' button. Darn if I can figure out how to use timers in MFC again.

        I was a bit hesitant to include that page, because it sometimes needs a bit of interpretation... notice there's a row for preset dim 1, preset dim 2, and preset dim; the latter being the Lynx 'enhanced' command... it takes a preset dim of 0 thru 31, without having to send preset dim 1 0-15 or preset dim 2 0-15. HS takes care of this, so the Marrick enhancement should never be used. Similarly with the extra protocols: CEBus, etc. I would be very surprised to see anything here!
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          thanks so much

          I have been with HS for a little while and when time is avail. I like to play.Just saying thank you for getting the lynx running.