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Outside & Inside Camera Recommendation w/ HS4

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    Outside & Inside Camera Recommendation w/ HS4

    The homeseer cameras are not POE. That's a deal killer for me.

    In all the time I used HS I've never added cameras. I've always run those separately other than to power them on/off depending on house mode. Adding them is my next task now that I'm running HS4. I have 5 or 6 wireless Amcrest ones for inside the house (please comment if these work well or not w/ HS4) and need to buy 3 outside POE cameras. My preference is that they have the ability to pan, but not essential if dependability rules those models out.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    I have a couple of these. They are not cheap, but they have been very reliable and have excellent image quality. There is also a 4MP version and one with a larger zoom range. I use them with Blue Iris. Do not have experience with HS4 yet.
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      Other than taking a picture and mailing it, HS doesn't do much with cameras. Additionally, the HS phone app does not let you zoom in on the picture. You are stuck with a window that is only about half the size of your phone screen. I haven't looked into it for about a year, but they said they had no plans in place to change that at the time.