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What do you use to monitor/report power outages?

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    What do you use to monitor/report power outages?

    I have my Hometroller S6 running HS3 and plugged into a UPS. It's running embedded win XP and monitors the UPS so it knows when it swaps to battery. I have a couple of mission critical (for WAF) IP devices that are not on UPS/battery. They need to have their plugins reset after a power outage.

    My Elk MG1 ethernet connection using UltraM1G3 happily shows 'connected' but stops communicating after an outage. Easy fix I just tell it to reconnect.
    Right now I use MeiHarmonyHub as my canary in the coalmine since it will change to 'forcefully disconnected' on power outage.

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    I just have to wonder if there is a more elegant solution. Perhaps using windows scheduler to trigger an event when it returns to main power. I also have a GEM, but while it's current sensors are installed in the main panel, the main GEM unit itself is pending drywall installation that sadly has been postponed due to chemotherapy and COVID
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    Are you able to use Blade's BLUPS plugin to trigger an event? I use it (on Windows 10 HS3) and it works fine.


      I have a wall wart plugged into a circuit that loses power. The output goes to a HS digital input. When HS detects a return of power on the DI it runs a recovery routine.
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        I monitor the 24vac transformers power for my HVAC system. Setup a 24vac relay with contacts connected to an aux zone on my ElkM1G panel interfaced to HS. Had problems with AC blowing fuses years ago but left it connected and now is a handy loss of power circuit.

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          Originally posted by HSAccord View Post
          Are you able to use Blade's BLUPS plugin to trigger an event? I use it (on Windows 10 HS3) and it works fine.
          I run the APCUPSd plugin. I have my UPS on a USB anywhere, so it need not be near the server.

          You could monitor the input voltage.

          I have a Kohler generator and I have some Homeseer light sensors on the switch over panel. It detected when there is light and when there isn't. I have one on the "street light" and one on the "generator light". It lets me know when I am running off the generator.

          Looks a little ghetto with the panel off but hides easy when closed.

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            I have one of those extension cords with a light in the plug end, with a lux sensor taped to it, plugged into any outlet I want. cheap