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HS Premium Reviews seem fake

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  • HS Premium Reviews seem fake

    I received an email this morning about the latest HomeSeer promotions with great offers of software, hubs, hardware and so on. I saw the blurb in the catchy title of the email, "NEW MyHS Plans!"

    Attentions HS4 System Users: We're very pleased to announce the introduction of MyHS Premium Plus and Premium Pro plans! These new plans support more systems & users and provide cloud backups of your camera recordings & HomeSeer system files.

    I clicked and opened up the e-mail and read through the new page created to explain the difference in the new plans. The new plans seem pretty neat - may not apply to me, but I see what's happening - HomeSeer is going after a subscription model now for various users and that makes sense, recurring revenue, etc etc etc. I'd be willing to pay if I found it useful in my case.

    The point of my post is that I read the reviews. The 4 Reviews which were on the site seemed awfully fake to me. If this service was just launched, how could there be 4 reviews already of this service? Having run a service based business, I know exactly how hard it is to get folks to write real reviews when things are great - it just does not happen that often unless they are being rewarded or given something for their time. How could HomeSeer get 4 reviews so quickly -- and uploaded to the site -- after just launching the service.

    The 4 reviews are here:

    Alan Hennison

    My wife has always been hesitant to use our home automation system as it was a pain for her to log in. With MyHS and MomeSeer Mobile on her phones she has finally come around. One drawback is that she is always reminding me I left a light on somewhere. LOL

    Donald I.

    I use MyHS Remote Premium daily to manage multiple Homeseer Zee hubs at two different locations. Great piece of mind knowing I can access my hubs any time, and from anywhere I may be.

    Glenn W.

    I have three HS3 systems that I need to work with on a regular basis. I have also started using HomeSeer Mobile on my Android Phone. Having MyHS Remote Premier Service makes working with these multiple systems much easier. Highly recommend this add-on service, particularly if you need to access multiple HomeSeer systems.

    Devan B.

    MyHS remote service makes using Homeseer on your phone quite easy. The dashboard works well and can create a simple custom interface for family members.

    Is it possible that 2 of 4 reviews are about "wife approval"? How can each review hit on a different point that makes Homeseer stand out? They are all probably very accurate things that Homeseer and the new features MyHS Premium plans can do/bring to the table but, again, very hard to find 4 reviews which hit on specific points.

    Lastly, if these reviews are legit, don't you think they would correct the spelling of the product? Take a look at Allan's post "MomeSeer." Perhaps the person from HomeSeer wiring that review thought it would be good to put typo in there to make it seem legit and that they copied it directly from the user?

    My point is, HomeSeer is a reputable product and service. They have been around the block and then some, compared to the big market competitors (Smartthings, Home Assistant, etc) To me, HomeSeer beings to lose credibility when they go and create fake reviews. Your product is fantastic. You provide a solid service... let's not tarnish these great things with doing something like this.

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    MyHS Premium has been around for some time. They have just extended the plans.

    You can see the reviews and dates posted here:


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      Originally posted by jon00 View Post
      MyHS Premium has been around for some time. They have just extended the plans.

      You can see the reviews and dates posted here:
      I see that now that you have pointed that out. My feedback seems to be more around my user experience around getting the e-mail, clicking the link to learn more, and then just smelling something funky. I know the MyHS remote access has been around a bit and that the new revised plans are new, for sure -- which is what made those reviews seem odd to me. Perhaps linking to the original review page there and adding the date may help a bit.

      I also understand that if folks are actually giving reviews, it's hard to review each for spelling but it would just look a little better if it was corrected on a product or service page.

      I enjoy the HomeSeer service... I only bring this up to the HomeSeer staff because I care and I wanted to share my feedback/thoughts for their own knowledge incase other users may have felt the same.