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    Randomized Light Help

    I have an event that turns on specific lights around the house when the HS floodlight lux sensor drop below 80 in the evening. The lights in the event start around 20% (dim) and slowly brighten, currently based only on time from the start of the event so as to be gradual and not like someone just turned on the floodlights inside. Each light has it's own brightness level set to the way I like it by the end of the event runtime.

    I'd like to be able to do it randomizing using say 7 different lights out of a group of 25 each evening. Whichever lights end up running I'd like them to end up a predetermined dim level for that specific location/device.

    I'm sure I could manually build a bunch of different events for each scenario and then have them fire off based on some randomized trigger. The piece I'm really missing how to have each device end up at a predefined max dim...not random.

    I have enough events that call other event (since there are limited logic switches in HS) and 2 years later it always take me a bit to remember the why/how for everything in those flows. I'd also like to not have to create a bunch more devices to accomplish this.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Is there a way to do this in a single event?

    To sum up what I'm looking for...
    • A single event
    • Selects 7 random lights from a group of 25
    • Starts at 20% dim for all and then every 30 minutes or so increases the brightness by some level
    • Each light ends up at a max level of "X" dim that is specific and predefined for that location (this is NOT random)


    Have a look at the plug in BLOccupied. It's a HS3 plug in that simulates occupancy by turning selected lights on and off at random. Not sure it does exactly what you are after or if it works with HS4. But it might be a starting point for you.
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