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  • Z-Wave Leak Sensor

    I am unable to add a new sensor. I have tried secure and non-secure add modes.

    Getting the error. "Error. the Add Node response object is null and a normal ending was not reported"

    I also tried resetting the sensor but getting the same errors.

    Any thoughts?


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    Did you try to add it as a not secure node? I just got a similar but not exactly the same error. After switching to adding it non-secure the error disappeared (but it still failed at the end which might be another issue).


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      gelessor Try exclude the sensor first. This sometimes happen when device has been previously included. It always good idea when you have similar problems to exclude first and reset the device as well.


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        Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately non have changed the results. I am still unable to add the device user either the secure or non-secure methods.

        could this be a bug in HS4 or the plug-in?

        All other z-wave devices, including door locks, were discovered without a problem.


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          What Leak sensor are you trying to include?

          Do you have another z-wave interface you could use as secondary? I remember one time I was having issues with including new devices once I reached certain number of nodes. It was not near the limit but I was having hard time including additional devices. I don't remember if it was at the end failing z-stick or something else.

          If you have another z-stick or something you could create second network and see if it will get included on new network. It would be good next step to troubleshoot. It never huts to have spare replacement for you existing z-wave interface just in case the one you have fails.


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            It’s the one From HomeSeer.

            Use a z-stick b haven’t had problems with any other devices. I had hoped to by 4 or 5 of these.. but it looks Ike they’re not going to work fo m.


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              I use those with no issues.


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                I have multiple Dome leak sensors included in my HS4 environment using the Z-stick - all have added with no problems. I would try excluding it first and trying again. The only device that I've had fail (and eventually gave up on) was a Zooz light switch.


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                  I have 8 HS Leak sensors. When Gen 7 hits I will buy more. They all work fine. I added w/ HS3, but updated to HS4 and all good still.

                  One thing I do under HS3 when using the beta z-wave driver supporting S2 they were pretty much paper weights.