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    I found and old thread on this (2013/14) that had a link where someone had installed a servo to get this to work. All of that was very custom and involve sawing into the shutter. I find a ton of controllers for doing this, but no all in one solution with a small servo and some sort of linkage to the movable part of the shutter...especially one that doesn't involve sawing into relatively expensive "furniture."

    I don't mind if a fairly small device is mounted to the window side of shutter. Obviously, for me, this would either need to be battery powered or maybe solar since it's in a window.

    Has anybody built a solution that would be fairly easy to mimic?

    Same question for blinds.


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    Spend some time here :

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      I've had my eye on the Hunter Douglas plantation shutters. Keep in mind, at least for the gen 2 model I last looked at, their remote has a discrete number of groups it will control. ie you can program all shutters to group 1, or all shutters in 1 room to group 1, then shutters in room 2 to group 2 etc. Keep this in mind when planning. You can of course have multiple remotes so you could have 1 remote per room. The remotes are rf.

      Make sure you get the gen 2 model or higher, gen 1 models required a manual release of the slats before you could manually adjust them; not releasing them first could result in damage/stripping of the gears. This issue was resolved with gen 2.