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Frequent "Failed sending Z-Wave Command to device" errors

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    Originally posted by simonmason View Post
    George Thanks for the tips on the beaming repeaters. I plan to get some of the aeon labs repeaters to give this a try. I have 4 Schlage locks and they do nothing but misbehave. Once I have these repeaters installed, how do I ensure that the locks use the repeater when communicating with the hub? Thanks.
    Once you have them installed, do a regular optimize on the lock. Then go to the Z-Wave Node Information screen (in the Plugins/Z-Wave dropdown, find the lock and the node that the lock repeater was assigned to. If the repeater is not the only one in the list just type it into the Route box to make it a direct route from the repeater to the Lock The route to the locks should be from Node1 (Z-stick), to repeater (Nr) to lock (Nl). The lock has to be either directly routed to the Z-Stick or a repeater as the locks go to sleep and require a device that supports beaming to wake them up.


      George Awesome - very helpful. I recently installed a number of Zooz Zen27 switches. They say that they have beaming capability and speed is 40K which I assume is ok. I have gone ahead and routed the locks through the Zooz switches as suggested. The first thing I noticed is that the routing doesn't seem to stick. Each day I come back and one of the locks has either found another route or has no route.

      I will keep playing with this but I wondered if anyone had any ideas? I also have the Z-Seer+ software and have started playing with that. It has the ability to set command route and set return route. I am struggling to see how to implement this through the documentation or if this even makes sense here?

      Bottom line - I seem to be able to get this locks to connect through beaming nodes, most of the time, but nothing has changed in the way they respond. Still tons of failure to send, one of the locks is constantly reporting unknown status. I am can read and write user codes to some of them but others don't seem to work. A real hodge podge but I will persevere!


        That is interesting about the locks. I may need to look into that. Mine have been problematic for 2.5 years and do lots of failed sending zwave command. I followed the optimization guide and did a backup/restore of the interface to wipe out the routing and start over and then only did a full optimize on 4-5 wall switches near the locks. Overall my network seems to be running better but the locks still have that issue. Even ones that are close enough to my znet and show as capable of being direct and not needing a routing node. They work 95% of the time but that 5% when they don't my network locks up and nothing works until it times out. Polling is off on every single device. Do homeseer wall switches support beaming? How close do they need to be to the lock?