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Monitored Security System for RF

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    Monitored Security System for RF

    I am testing (trial version) Homeseer and am using my monitored security system console for RF reception.

    It seems to work well but range is somewhat limited. It also can only do one housecode.

    Any recommendations.

    I'm using a CM11a as my interface. Should I change?

    The CM11a is OK, but the RF receiver in the console will only pass the selected housecode. I got a W800RF 32 and the range is very good. It passes everything to the serial port on your PC(Rx Only). I don't have neighbors, or sources of RF noise near and it receives fine from the end of my driveway(~150' from the house). It is supposed to work with security remotes, but I have not gotten everything setup yet! So many toys and so little time!
    Also I have messed with a LOT of automation software, unless you are well versed with programming and have a lot of spare time, Homeseer is the one to own.
    Good luck..


      The W800 is the only way to go. I use to use a MR26a and it worked good but I needed a bit more range and the W800 was the answer. It also can "hear" the x10 door and window sensors which makes it a big seller here.
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        Rupp -

        Ok...I'm convinced.

        Two questions:

        1. Can I mount the antenna near my computer?
        2. When you say it can "hear" the window/door sensor does it serve as a repeater for my security system? That would be great!



          Yes you can mount the antenna just about any where you like. It may take some fiddling to get the best reception.

          Not sure about the repeater functionality. You could ask that question in the W800 forum.
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