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Kinetico Leak Detection System

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  • HouseholdGeek
    To revive this thread a bit, and to answer your question... I was using the LeakSmart valve and sensors with a Wink Hub successfully, and I'm now using it with a SmartThings hub, so yes it can be used without the LeakSmart Hub.

    I found your thread because now I'm trying to include a LeakSmart valve in my HomeSeer HS3 system, which, because the valve is Zigbee, becomes more of a project for me because I don't even have the Zigbee system incorporated into my HS system yet.

    I'm going to be digging in (again) to mcsMQTT, to see if I can get it going. I'm ignorant enough to be dangerous (ie: completely) but hope I'll be able to get it working to be able to turn off the valve when I sense a leak with my Z-Wave leak sensors.

    So did you get anywhere with your Waxman LeakSmart yet?

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  • skhs
    started a topic Kinetico Leak Detection System

    Kinetico Leak Detection System


    I recently had a Kinetico Leak Detection system installed. It came "free" with my new water softener.

    I'm wondering if I could somehow interface it with homeseer. Here's some details on the system:

    From a little googling of the FCC ID: 2AO5J-WLSHUB3, it looks like it's a whitelabeled product for Kinetico that is actually a Waxman Leaksmart Hub 3.0. Here is the full manual for that product on the FCC website:

    Here is the product page for the non-Kinetico branded product by Waxman, called the LeakSmart Protect:

    And their spec sheet:

    The individual Sensors, and the water valve, appear to use ZigBee chips to communicate to the hub (found via the IC ID on the sensors: This is confirmed in the press release by kinetico:

    The hub then uses 802.11 to connect back to the cloud for monitoring services and remote monitoring via their app.


    The question I guess I'm going to try and solve for is...
    1) Can I interface via the API (more desirable option)
    2) Can I interface via ZigBee (least desirable option and might not be possible, I think)

    Anyone have any experience with trying to do any home automation around a Waxman/Kinetico Leak detection system before I try to do it myself the hard way?