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What's your home automation dimmer strategy/choice?

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    Originally posted by fresnoboy View Post
    The Lutron stuff is very very solid. And you can set it up so you aren't depending on HS being up for base level functions, which I think is important. Not because HS is unreliable, it isn't, but my principle is that HA is best used for INTEGRATION, and not as a remote control. I want my HVAC, security, lighting, AV control to work well in standalone modes, and have the HA integrate the sensors and device controls to deliver automation value.
    I agree, which is why I'm leaning towards Lutron (I may be moving homes in the near future). I like the fact that Lutron works directly with Alexa and HomeKit, both of which I use extensively. I do have Alexa and HomeKit working with HomeSeer, but I don't want to be dependent on HomeSeer for Alexa and HomeKit functionality to work with my light switches. HomeSeer doesn't even support HomeKit, so I need to use homebridge). While HomeSeer works well with Alexa, it seems every 4 to 5 months, I need to re-add my devices to Alexa to fix "... the device is not responding..." problem. If I move homes, I would still use HomeSeer for its event engine and integrating various technologies (Lutron, Z-Wave, Zigbee for my Philips Hue ambience lights, etc.), but I may go from Z-Wave to Lutron for light switches. I got a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro, and a couple of Lutron devices to start playing with Lutron.