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clean up device naming convention

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    clean up device naming convention

    n Events when I select devices most devices have a UNKNOWN-HOME-LEAK SENSOR.How do I delete the UNKNOWN and HOME so it sorts alphabetically.

    UNKNOWN is your floor and HOME is your room. Apparently you don't set them in your device list. I would suggest you do so because then you can filter by floor and room. If you only have one floor then you can use floor for something else. Though they now also have categories.

    In any case, if you don't want to do this then there might still be a solution. You can go to the menu Setup and then the tab Custom. There you can set the name of your "Location 1 Label" (default Room) and Location 2 Label (default floor). Set them to an empty string. I didn't try this out but it might work. Maybe you will end up with - - [device name] but it should still sort by device name.