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Connect to HomeTrollerS6 using TightVNC viewer

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    Connect to HomeTrollerS6 using TightVNC viewer


    I'm fairly new to the Homeseer environment (not really feeling at home yet) and want to connect to the HometrollerS6 system from a different computer because I want to upgrade to HS4 and cannot easily hookup the unit to a monitor and a keyboard.

    I can connect to the web UI using the IP-address in a browser but I need to get to the system and tried to use TightVNC viewer.

    Entering the IP-address of the HometrollerS6 in TightVNCviewer I am asked for a password. I have tried several passwords of the homeseer stuff but apparently a different one is needed. I do not know which one. None of them seem to work.

    So in short: How do I connect using TightVNC viewer and what could be the password ?

    Thanks in advance...

    On my S6 (circa 2015), RealVNC server is installed. If you have this one,

    - right click on the VNC icon in the system tray and select Options
    - select Users & Permissions
    - click on the 'Password...' button.

    Click image for larger version

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      Thank you Zwolfpack.

      I didn't realize that something needed to be installed on the S6 to make connecting possible using whateverVNCviewer. As it turned out it was installed on mine as well.

      I changed the password and it worked (both with TightVNCviewer and RealVNCviewer) !!!


        I personally like UltraVNC. But to each their own.