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    HS4 Bugs

    While I've been getting to know HS4 more, I've enjoyed the flexibility and thoughtfulness that went into the platform. It's far and away one of the best options I've seen on the market. That said, the software seems to have more than its fair share of bugs and rough edges. A few I've noticed as of late:

    HSTouch Designer

    I love HSTouch - it's one of the reasons I chose HS. However, it needs some work regarding stability and scalability. I'm just underway building out my wall control tablet with HSTouch, and at least one of the screens is a bit complex. I have about two dozen device icons overlaid on a floor plan picture to show status of certain devices around the house. I've noticed that the designer struggles a bit to load the screen - this is on a powerful Dell R730 server with 56 Xeon cores and 192GB of RAM, so I know it's not a hardware constraint. It blips and readjusts while rendering it, which really shouldn't happen.

    Today, it actually started throwing memory errors and X'ing out images on the screens. Restarting the app didn't help. I eventually had to restart the entire server. I'm guessing there may be a memory leak of some sort. Either way, it's rough around the edges. I'm a bit on edge when using it, saving my project frequently.

    HSTouch Client

    The client is a bit flaky, too. Most of it is down to just a little unfriendly behavior, but today it actually went belly-up. I was experimenting with using simulation of button pushes from the events, and it suddenly stopped working. After much poking around, and no explanation (especially as all other functions still appeared to be working), I decided to try it on another HSTouch client - all was good there. So, I narrowed it down to that HSTouch Client. Restarting the app, even the tablet, did nothing. I eventually had to uninstall the client, reinstall, reconfigure, and re-deploy the app. Then it worked again.

    Web Console
    The web console looks better than what I have seen of HS3 (never used it), but it's rough around the edges, nonetheless. Change the name of a device along with a few other settings, and click save - the device name won't stick. You'll need to go back in and edit the device name again. Edit the control states and graphics on a device, and do it in the wrong order (control state before graphic) and the control state will get reset, forcing you to do it again. In short, a lot of wonkiness related to inputs being discarded during editing and forcing you to do it again.

    Again, for the most part I've been happy with HS4 in the few months I've now been using it. However, I'd really like to see HomeSeer focus on some quality improvements. The HomeSeer back-end appears very stable, but the HSTouch Designer feels like it's on edge. I've even had to adjust the OS level graphics settings because it couldn't deal with scaling things like icons and fonts on high resolution monitors - very basic. The memory driven crashes today - well, that's super concerning, especially if it were to happen during editing, or corrupt project files. The HSTouch client has been stable, but today's inexplicable failure to process event-driven simulated button pushes meant a complete uninstall/reinstall.

    In short, I really like HomeSeer - it's super flexible, has some of the best options on the market, and the extensibility of HSTouch makes it truly custom feeling... but I do really hope the quality can be improved, especially as I'd like the confidence to use it to its full extent without worrying about fragility.