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Value ranges for Z-Wave versus X-10 devices

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    Value ranges for Z-Wave versus X-10 devices

    I'm in the process of migrating my X-10 system to Z-Wave and Insteon. I haven't started the Insteon install yet but I assume it mirrors X-10.

    The problem I'm having is once I change over a switch from X-10 to Z-Wave the ownership moves from either the OmniPro or my HS 1.7 XP system to HS3.

    But both legacy systems still want to control and possibly see the old switch as there is a lot of programming involved.

    I've been using EasyTrigger to get a Z-Wave device ON or OFF based on an X-10 command. And also to send the appropriate X-10 command whenever a Z-Wave device is turned on or off to set the state of the device in the old controllers.

    But what I've found is an issue is in the dim or speed settings.

    Under X-10 the dim levels go from 1 to 99 with 0=Off and 100=On.

    But it seems that most of the Z-Wave dimmers have a range of 0-255 254-ON 255=Last.

    Without writing a complex script, does anyone know of an EasyTrigger or other method to set the dim level of my Z-Wave switch to say 50% which would be 127 in Z-Wave but in X-10 would be a 50?

    I've tried using HST Associations Cross-Associating the old X10 unit to the new Z-Wave unit hoping that HS would mirror the state for me. But associations just ends up freezing and locking up the Z-Wave interface or causing X-10 broadcast storms on the power line. I have an XTMP Pro X-10 analyzer that shows a myriad of non-ending X10 random stuff being bounced around. The only way I've found of stopping the storms is to either restart HS3 or disable the X-10 or Z-Wave interfaces (whichever is not responding) and re-enabling it again.

    I was thinking of talking to Rob about setting a garbage timeout timer on the X-10 plugin that would stall it for about 5 seconds until the storm subsides. But that just masks the underlying problem.

    Just curious what others have done when you moved from X-10 to Z-Wave or another protocol but want to have the legacy systems still have the ability to see and control the dimmer/switch?