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Hose end controllers for garden

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    Hose end controllers for garden

    I don't have a need for full blown irrigation, but I've been looking at some of the hose end timers and didn't realize that some of them are controlled via wifi/bluetooth. Are any of them controllable via HS4 via plugin, such as this model or similar?

    I did some quick searching and there have been requests for an API since way back in 2018. It does appear to be an API that is used to make b-hyve work with Alexa and Google Home. Unfortunately there appears to be no plan to publicly open up the API.


      There are zwave water shut off valves. Fortress makes an indoor version as well as an outdoor version.

      There is also a model that is designed to turn off a 1/4 turn water shut off, but you're hose bib would need to be in a sheltered spot like under a porch or in a utility box of some sort. This model says it's weather resistant but needs shelter.

      You could also get creative, an inexpensive sprinkler valve could be controlled with a zwave dry contact switch. HS can also work with multiple protocols/hubs. MSQTT, smartThings(hub required), Vera(hub required), etc
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        I use the LinkTap host connectors. Not the cheapest out there but they work. There is a HS3 plugin and integrations available for other systems as well.