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Could not connect to new Hometroller S6 Pro - [SOLVED]

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    Could not connect to new Hometroller S6 Pro - [SOLVED]

    Hi Folks

    This is my first post. This evening, I've dived into HS4 having previously been swimming in the Vera pool.

    The problem:
    I suspect this is an S6 Pro issue as it relates to Windows 10 and its designation of networks as Public or Private. I've just spent 1.5 hours trying to connect to my new hometroller S6 Pro from my laptop then my desktop PC. I couldn't find an answer on the forum, so I thought I'd post my experience.

    I was very excited to receive my new toy. I plugged into my router and fired it up. The light came on and I could see the HDD light flashing. After a few minutes, I tried heading to the IP address using my browser, then, then MyHS. However, I couldn't connect. Each option correctly identified the local IP, but the browser just came up with a 'took too long to respond' message.

    Next step was to connect a screen and keyboard. At least it was working. I had the Windows 10 running, HS4 software running, VNC running. I was connected to the web as I had an "Update" notification. I ran the update, wondering if that was standing in the way, but it wasn't. I did have to change my regional settings to correct the time, keyboard, etc.

    After much faffing around I discovered that my network had been set as Public. This meant the Hometroller was hiding itself behind firewalls, etc.

    I found this because I tried browsing the network in Windows File Explorer. Doing this brought up a message stating I was connected to a public network with the option of switching to a private network. That done, the browser on my desktop immediately refreshed to show me the HS4 Web Control screen.

    I hope someone finds this useful.

    General chat:
    Having already had a good browse around the forum (not the way I was hoping to start my HS4 experience), I can see there's lots of very knowledgeable people here. I look forward to meeting a few of you along the way.

    I have considered whether I should have bought an HS4 licence only and installed it on any one of the many similar spec'ed Windows boxes I could have bought off Amazon. It would have been a lot cheaper. However, it was great that I didn't have to do a Windows install. The machine just fired up and was ready to go. It saved me many hours of tinkering. I also chose this route anticipating the need for support. I figured having the standard HS4 box for my first outing would mean that support would be better equipped to help me if I was running off HS's own hardware.

    Best regards, Rob.