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Amazon Alexa devices intermittently working

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    Amazon Alexa devices intermittently working

    I checked in the Amazon Alexa forum but there hasn't been any activity for a while. I will admit I am becoming frustrated with HS for a few reasons, this being one of them. I keep having trouble with devices intermittently working via amazon Alexa. While some do work others won't and still others won't be detected via amazon app. One of my scenes is working just fine and another will say "garage lights not responding" one moment and then the next it works. The upkeep with HS has been unreal since I purchased it. I even contacted support via another issue (my SEL sever just stops responding and they said it's not their problem, and all I can figure out if something is wrong with the Linux system).

    So... anyone have any insight on the Amazon stuff to start?


    how are you connecting to Alexa, (skills, node red ext) i have been using the HS skills and node red with no issues