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    Originally that was the way the buttons in the original UI worked... you tapped on the device icon itself and that would toggle it... One of the first requests I got was to make it so you could tap anywhere... So there's no winning on design choices.. someone will always want something different...

    It would be easier to implement if I gave you the option of swapping single and double tap roles... single tap would pop up control and double tap would execute toggle of the device state... or vice versa... I would leave the default operation as it is.. but could make it so you have the option of switching.

    Our motto... Given enough time and no money we can do anything. LOL.

    Zoom? How do you spell that? LOL. I don't do any of that stuff... I hate talking on phones and I hate FaceTime even more. I deleted that stuff from all my devices. I actually have some old X10 stuff at my other house.. once upon a time I had that working with the app.. but haven't messed with it.. One of the first guys who tried zHome was using it for his house that had no z wave at all.. he was all Insteon. Which amazed me why someone without z wave would use HomeSeer to begin with.. but you never know.

    I'm sure there are ways to broaden and cover those without too much work. I know x10 stuff pretty well... or at least I used to. If someone has x10 on their system and will send me the JSON for status and controls showing these devices I can quickly tell what it all take to support. I doubt that it takes much at all if the devices are being controlled now by HomeSeer. I just need to see the JSON data output.