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No more access to my system (via IP or homeseer app)

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    No more access to my system (via IP or homeseer app)


    I am not a tech guy at all so sorry about my ignorance and my questions. I had some issues few years ago with my Homeseer system and thanks to that forum I was able to solve them. Something new just came up today and I have no idea how to fix it. I searched through the forum but couldnt find anything. My house is equipped with a Home Troller SEL pro device with a Z wave stick and is connected to a monitor / keyboard and via cable to my AT&T router.
    Everything was working fine until tonight when I lost access to the system via the mobile app (error msg:no system was found via the given credentials) and also via the ip address in my browser (this site can't be reached).
    When I go to, it shows now that the system is offline.

    The only thing I did today was to connect a new apple device to my wifi...What can I do to regain access to the system?


    issue fixed after 2 restarts of the unit via linux console