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Help with delayed event logic

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    Help with delayed event logic

    Need some help with the easiest way to set up an event.

    I have a motions sensor upstairs in the hallway and I'd like to use it to control a couple lights after midnight and before 9AM.

    If the sensor detects motion I'd like to turn on the lights and not turn them off until 5 minutes after any motion has ended.

    What is the best way to structure the event?


    I do this with a virtual device. First I turn it on and off at a set time.In your case on at12:01AM and off at 9:00 AM. Then as a condition, if motion is detected and if late night virtual deviice is on, then Set device family room light on. Then turn off family room light off after a delay of 5 minutes.

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      But that doesn't cover the case of 5 minutes 'after' the motion stops. You would have to cancel the delay and reissue an on with another delay.


        Here's a way to do it with a single event:
        There's a number of ways to do it, but this one makes it easy as it relies on a single event and you don't need your sensor to return "motion off"
        As long as the sensor sends motion "ON" on a regular basis you're good to go.

        Click image for larger version

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        For the time range I rely on Easytrigger PI so that the timerange is checked in realtime on every trigger;

        For some strange reason (automation is about managing/scheduling events), Homeseer isn't great at managing schedules natively and as mentioned by langenet above you have to rely on workarounds and virtual devices to make it work;
        the downside: if for any reason the system misses the virtual device on/off setpoints your whole event system will fail for the day.
        I always try resolve things with the HS toolbox, but after going the virtual device route, it's not just reliable enough and just some workaround to a basic feature that HS is lacking.
        (same goes for managing groups of sensors/devices and most of what you'll find in Easytrigger)

        From my perspective, HS can't work "efficiently" without ET and it should really be part of the core product.

        Also search for recent posts on motion triggering, it's been a hot topic recently:

        hope this helps,