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HS4 device icons and labels issues

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    HS4 device icons and labels issues

    HS4 doesn't allow me to enter a label or give me wide enough array of choices in the "Status/Graphics" --> "New range graphic"

    1. Graphics are very limited in scope and none suits my needs.
    2. Label (text) will do if no graphic is available but HS4 won't let me any text in the "Label" column.

    I have HS4 devices that hold humidity values represented as Dew Point

    0 - 50 - Dry
    51- 55 - Pleasant
    56 - 60 - Comfortable
    61-65 - Sticky
    66-70 - Uncomfortable
    71-75 - Opressive
    76-100 - Miserable

    Any idea how to create labels or better yet custom images for each of the above conditions.


    You can create your own images if you don't like the ones included with HS. HS4 doesn't allow you to do this on the standard page but you can go to the old page by going to http://[IPAddress]:[Port]/deviceutility


      The standard HS4 location for status images is (homeseer)/html/images/HomeSeer/status - you can put your own in here to get them into the UI.


        But then you have to manage the additional icons between updates. It would be nice like in hs3 if you could browse to a paralleldirectory, which you could manage independent of updates and access from within hs4.
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          I am wanting to use different graphics, need some help finding this folder to add graphics to -


          Am I able to access this from my laptop that I use to access the ip of HS?