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Distance between Zwave+ nodes outside - line of site?

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    I would second the recommendation to use zigbee devices, a conbee II and the jowihue plugin. It works very nicely for me, is faster and more reliable than my zwave network (which is now mostly reliable), and has a lot of cheap snesors and switches available, though choices in wall switches are a bit weak.

    I much prefer zigbee and even zwave over wifi switches because I worry about chinese software in devices that can talk to the Internet for security reasons. I do have a couple wifi relays because I needed a lot of relays in a couple places, but I put them on a separate vlan and have the firewall block them from talking to anything other than homeseer. While they work well in the house, the 8266 modules used by many of them have lousy wifi range, and they can be unreliable unless you have good wifi in those locations. They don't mesh either, so you are really dependent on the wifi working well for control, which may not be ok depending on how you are using them.