Hello all,

I have been a browser of this forum for a couple of years, and have learnt nearly everyting I know about HS from here. I have struggled a little with Homeseer as I am not especially technically minded, so its been really useful to help drag me out of the dark ages!

I am now stuck on how to create a second network, and hours of searching haven't produced anything I can understand. The situation is this:

I am running HS3 on a dedicated PC with Blue Iris. The Z-wave is using an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 plugged into the PC. I want to creat a second network in my garage as it is out of range, even using repeaters. The garage is currently on a homeplug with a good connection, but I will be putting a cable in to hardwire it. I have a spare router configured as a WAP with a USB socket spare, it has a static IP address. I have a second Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 to plug in here. Everytime I try to create a new network, I end up creating a secondary controller. Not at all sure where I should be going from here, and really don't want to screw up 2 years of work.

Any help gratefully received.