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HS4 Mildly Confused on Backups

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    HS4 Mildly Confused on Backups

    I have my system backing up to MYHS.

    What I want to make sure of is that I'm completely covered with both my local and MYHS backups. What I'm confused about is...

    1) I have 4 z-wave interfaces which all have backup/restore options under each. Are these all backed up in the main system backup, or do I need to do something separately? It'd be pretty silly if they weren't since I'd assume a restore from a system backup would be useless w/out the interface device database.

    2) When I go through the motions of backing each up it defaults to the name of the first interface I back up. Are ALL interfaces actually backed up? I assume not as I'd need to restore them individually to the right original interface.

    3) I do rename each when I run a backup on each of the 4 interfaces, but the save file "Done" message only shows on the first interface window listed instead of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, window of the interface I'm backing up? I find that really confusing.

    4) If these are NOT included in the main system backup is there some way to automate that?

    5) Is there a best practice?

    Sorry for a ton of q's all in the same post but they do kind of all go together....


    I tested the BLbackup and it works for HS4 :

    Else, what I don't know if it suits your needs.

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      Right, the Z-Wave backup file selector is anything but a work of art. As you noted, it only updates the first time its accessed. Without care you'll clobber early runs with later ones.

      For your four controllers, you'll need to run the backup four times. If you want it to generate the 'proper' filename, you can cycle the plugin off->on in between runs.

      The backup contents is just a static node list, plus the HomeID. It's only going to change when you add/remove nodes. And the add/remove operations now generates a backup. So you really don't need to run it often if at all.

      The backups are stored in the Data/Z-Wave folder, under the HS root. The archive generated on Setup->General->Backup Config includes this folder.

      Before the backup on node add/remove was implemented, I created a script that automatically backs up the active controllers. I still run it on a weekly event, but its not necessary any longer.


        I must not have hit "post" the other day...

        THANKS! This was exactly what I needed to understand. One question just to be sure. Do I need the "proper" filename for the interface backups for it to be rolled up into a backup? I think you're saying that whole folder is matter what's in it.


          Originally posted by ts1234 View Post
          I think you're saying that whole folder is matter what's in it.
          That's correct. You can name the backup files whatever you like.


            Thanks... for all of it...!