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Sonoff RF Bridge + X-10 Pilight

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    Just some additonnal details for anyone interested in deploying RTL_433 / MCSMQTT (Windows)

    - Mosquitto is not required if using the internal MCSMQTT broker.

    - As @Michael McSharry did, I also tested X10 RF successfully with both the remote (HR12A) and motion sensors (all models based on FCC ID B4SMS12A) I was originally using the wrong protocol (X10_sec which covers X10 security devices, while X10_RF (protocol 22 - correct one) covers other RF devices but needs to be enabled separately)

    Guess these motion sensors won't end up in the trash =) they were performing well, had long battery life + dusk/dawn data as well.

    This SDR is tested working + F Coax adapter if needed (here using an external ground plane antenna in the attic for outdoor range)

    I ordered a second unit so I can track both 310Mhz and 433Mhz.

    Here are recommended RTL_433 settings

    for 310Mhz/X10 :

    .\rtl_433.exe -R 22 -f 310.0M -F mqtt://,retain=0,devices=SDR[/type][/model][/subtype][/channel][id]

    And for 433Mhz (general use)

    .\rtl_433.exe -F mqtt://,retain=0,devices=SDR[/type][/model][/subtype][/channel]

    BTW for BBQ lovers, the Thermopro units (433 Mhz wireless thermometers) works like a charm and can be fully integrated with your HStouch wall controllers.

    One last thing, if one of your close neighnours has a nice/expensive weatherstation, chances are you'll have free access to all the weather data
    😂 I get 5 to 10 decoded streams here.




      There is a lot of capability, as your point out, with the SDR and integration with HS. I think most of this thread will be lost because it is a tangent off of the Sonoff RF. Lot of good stuff in this thread.


        I guess Google searches should point here but maybe it would be worth copying information to a separate thread if it raises some interest. I'm personally thrilled with the results and possibilities.