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Looking for Direction on Sonoff TH16

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  • 123qweasd
    More info/links below to add to Pete's post above.

    Once flashed you can either use the external jack to add 1-wire devices or use onboard GPIO's to extend possibilities. Same goes with the Sonoff basic, minus the external jack and lower current rating.

    Here for basic temperature readings, I have daisychained eight DS18b20 on a single run of cat5 cable across the house. You can therefore get local temperature in multiple rooms from a single Sonoff unit.

    For temp+humidity, you can use the BME280:

    Tasmota can manage 2 BME280 sensors and you can add other types of sensors (si7021, etc) on the same unit as long a you have enough ports available.

    For your attic fan, you can simply connect it to the stock relay and still use the sensors on the same unit.

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  • Pete
    For all of my WiFi devices here have written over the built in Sonoff / ITead firmware.

    Have a look here for some ideas ==>

    mcsMQTT (Michael McSharry)

    Use Tasmota / Espurna firmware / MQTT on any Sonoff (ITead) device.

    Here utilize SonOff basic's for temperature and temperature / humidity sensors.

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  • Jamr
    started a topic Looking for Direction on Sonoff TH16

    Looking for Direction on Sonoff TH16

    Hi everyone.
    As winter is approaching to us in the USA I am looking to integrate a Sonoff TH16 and temp/humid sensor to my HS3 Linux. I would like to get a local temperature that I can use for automation purposes. I would also at another time like to control an attic fan with this device.

    I tried a search to find some instruction but everything seems to skip over the details of installation and setting this unit up. I currently have it up and running with their app but need connection to HS.
    If anyone knows where any detailed directions are, please point the way. If someone has done this, I would love to know how this is done. I'll even create some written directions for future endeavors.

    Thanks for any help here.