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If you put in new ceiling lights right now...

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    As a board member on a non-profit I would like to suggest that you use and select your favorite charity. You pay the same amount and the charity gets a very small % of the sale in most cases. While you get no benefit, for some charities every 0.5% helps. I checked prices both ways and they do not change. Else I would not have used nor suggest it. If you want to support a small music education charity, DM me. If you have a favorite small non-profit, pick them! I believe the only requirement is that they are a 501(c)3 in the US. Other countries may have something similar.
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      Interesting, looking into add some recess lights in the studio e bedroom. I was thinking of buy the hue recessed lights, anyone has used those. Looks like I can change the light color to soft or cool.

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        They have 5/6" gimbals but don't seem to have 4" gimbals, so... gotta go exploring for that now. 🤔