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Tesla ESS battery system and Solar Panels

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    Tesla ESS battery system and Solar Panels

    I love the idea of harvesting energy.

    I'm trying to get a sense of anyone that has installed the Tesla Battery system or ESS "Electrical Storage System with Tesla Solar panels.

    I met with the Texas state Electrical Inspector this week to get an understanding of how they review and approve this type system. Tesla skirts the NEC code with some language of how they connect and what they call devices...."Very clever Lawyers"

    It appears while Solar is a very popular Marketing topic no one has yet to capture the market they don't have a very solid design approach to integrating safely into a power system. Tesla is the first to come close.

    I know this is a very controversial topic because each state has different Utility restrictions governing it's buy back to putting power on the grid.

    I would like to hear from folks on how or what they have done, your feedback on your experience would be awesome......


    Must be posted in the wrong place.....