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RCS rs485 hub

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    RCS rs485 hub

    I have been thinking of getting 8 port rs485 hub (rs232 input version) from RCS. I have few questions. I didn't find any info regarding the speed of rs495 bus. My rs485 devices can communicate up to speed of 38.4k. Another thing is the speed between the hub and PC as I am going to use rs232 input. Is it the same as in the rs485 bus? RCS hub seems to be very affordable. Single rs232/485 converters are more than 100USD and dedicated rs485 PCI cards with 2 ports are more than 250USD (at least here in Finland).


    I am looking at the RCS 8 channel RS485 hub instructions and don't see anything as it relates to speed. I gotta assume that it meets the RS485 spec, whatever that is. Says each channel can support up to 128 devices w/ max line length of 4000 ft. and to put a terminating resistor (120 ohm) at last device (between data lines for over 100 ft). Max power draw is 1000mA for all devices.

    I believe you buy the hub either with RS232 or with RS485 input. I used it with a TR40 RCS thermo and it was "plug and play". No need to mess with settings.

    That's all for specs.